Kingwin Mach 1 1000w

Power supply units


Rail Idle Load
3.3v 3.41v 3.42v
5.0v 5.13v 5.13v
12.0v 12.16v 12.12v

All the rails under both idle and full load performed very well. This PSU outperforms the Nesteq EECS 700w with its tight 12v and 3.3v. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t out perform it on its 5v rail. However, the Nesteq was also a very good unit in performance, so for it to be beaten on two of its rails, it shows how good the Mach 1 1000W really is.

Standby Idle Load
PF Rating N/A 0.97 0.99
Wattage 6 315 540

PF ratings are a way of telling how efficient a PSU is at converting AC mains voltage to DC for your PC. If you’d like to read more, check out our glossary entry here.

The PF ratings from the Mach 1 are some of the best we’ve witnessed. With it very close to 1 (which is ideal), the ratings are very good. However, unfortunately the efficiency isn’t too impressive, with it pulling 6 Watts at standby state – which on other PSU’s is normally around 2-3 Watts. This isn’t something to worry about though as it would just means an extra £6 or so for electricity a year.


Kingwin’s 1000MA1S retails at £115. For a 1000W power supply with this performance, it’s a very good bang for buck. Most other units in this performance band tend to price at around £150.

Noise Ratings

The Mach 1 features a 150mm fan which glows blue with the help of LED’s which are installed in the fan. This blue glow can also be seen on the modular sockets – which have translucent rings around them. Fortunately, the 150mm fan spins very slowly and so, is near silent, Mulnaz if you will.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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