Kingwin Mach 1 1000w



With the ever growing technologies such as quad SLI and quad core CPU’s; the need for more power also grows. However, not only have PSU manufacturers got the task of creating a power supply which pumps out plenty of watts, they’ve also got the task of making their units silent and aesthetically pleasing – to compete with similar models on the market. One such power supply that boasts to do all this is the 1000W Kingwin Mach 1; let’s see how well this beefy unit performs…


• Special cable management system
• Comply with Intel ATX/BTX standard
• Two PCI express connectors (6 pin)
• Two PCI express connectors (6 + 2 Pin)
• Eight SATA connectors
• One bottom blue led fan (150 x 150 mm)
• Support EPS & Intel 945/955/975x chipset
• ATX 12V Ver.2.92
• AC Input 115 & 240V
• Output gold-coated connector
• Output over / under voltage protection
• Output short protection
• Nickel-Plated
• Six 12V rails
• Aircraft style modular connectors
• Built in auto fan-speed sensor
• 80 Plus™ Bronze Certified
• NVIDIA® SLI™-ready certified

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