InWin Commander 1200w

Power supply units


Well once again, InWin has impressed. Not only have their made a PSU with incredibly tight and stable rails, but it’s almost as efficient as the 750w model. While both units might have powered our test setup, if you fancied adding another 4870 x2 into the mix, you’d probably need something more like the 1200w. Let’s not forget it’s pretty damn quiet too.

As long as the price is good, if you’re looking for a new PSU, you really must buy this one. It’s that good.

Update: In light of the recent price findings, the rating has been reduced to a 9/10, but it means this unit qualifies for the extreme award.

Very stable and tight railsCost



Thanks go to InWin for providing us wit
this PSU.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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