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mCube Lite Power AdaptorIntroduction

In our modern world we need lots of electronic devices around us. Be it a notebook, phone tablet, etc., they all need is juice to keep running. Most notebooks have few USB ports to charge your devices at, and what’s better than powering and charging your USB-device at a portable hub, located right at your notebook charger? If this sounds bit weird or vague to you, that’s one more reason to check out this review about the Innergie mCube Slim 95, which should do exactly that: Charge your USB device at a notebook adaptor, whilst having your notebook turned off`- but charging!

What does Innergie tell us about the mCube Slim 95?

“The mCube Slim 95 is the most practical of the Innergie line up, it’s light and compact, no larger in width and length than an iPhone in fact. It pumps out a massive 95 watts of charging oomph for devices requiring between 18 – 21 volts of juice and includes a 10 Watt USB port for charging even your iPad or other portable USB devices.”


AC Input: 100-240 VAC/1.6A 50-60Hz
DC Output: 19 V DC/4.47A
USB Output: 5V DC/2 A
Output Power (Continuous/Peak): 95W/110W
Dimension: (LxWxH)109.2mm x 62mm x 18.2mm
Weight (exclude cables): 179g
Built-in Protection: OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP


Last modified: October 3, 2011

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