Innergie mCube Lite Universal Laptop Charger

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Overall, the adapter works exactly as expected. With a continuous 65W (75W peak) supply, it provides a consistent, fast charge for both laptops and USB devices. It is a lot smaller and lighter than many power supplies on the market, including many official adapters. The USB port on the device itself is definitely a nice addition, especially as it works even without the presence of a laptop. This allows the use of the USB charging facility without having to carry around a separate USB charger or having to have a laptop powered up just for the sake of keeping your phone or MP3 player topped up overnight when travelling.

The one potential problem with the adapter in as far as the universal aspect goes, it is only compatible with laptops that are within the 18-21 volts power range, as there is no switching mechanism to adjust this. The manual warns that the adapter should not be used with any laptop above or below this range, as it may result in damage. I can’t say how many current laptops are not within this range (although I do have an ageing Toshiba laptop that requires a 15V input and thus was unable to take part in the testing) but I am sure the company has gone for the most common power requirements.

Ultimately, the adapter is good, if fairly pricey; but with the USB port, three year warranty and free head replacements, you get what you pay for.


  • Small, lightweight and stylish
  • Handy USB port for charging devices independently
  • Very portable, particularly with travel case
  • Good warranty if anything goes wrong


  • Only compatible with laptops in the 18V-21V range
  • Incompatible with any laptops using proprietary connectors
  • Cost is a little on the expensive side


Last modified: June 15, 2011

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