Innergie mCube Lite Universal Laptop Charger

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When setting things up, everything connected securely, with no loose cables or risk of things disconnecting accidentally. The power unit has a blue LED on it which on the sleek white adapter looks quite good in a sci-fi sort of way. The cables are of a decent enough length and provide a fairly average distance to work with.

Laptop charging

The charger performed well when connected to a compatible Dell laptop. The head connected comfortably to the laptop and it was able to charge without issue.

USB charging

The USB port worked as expected, with a variety of USB devices (including a mobile phone and MP3 player) charging without issue. This was the case whether there was a laptop currently in use, powered off, or indeed not connected at all. While there are smaller USB mains chargers on the market, this is definitely an advantage, particularly when it comes to travelling and staying in hotels and other places where access to a computer is not always guaranteed, or leaving a computer out and on is not desirable.


The mCube Lite can be found for around £40-£50 which is fairly pricey if your existing laptop charger is performing adequately. With that said, it is clearly a premium product which has a premium price; laptop chargers can certainly be found more cheaply, but Innergie seem to be shooting for the premium market, providing more features and reliability than cheaper alternatives. The company claim built-in protection from unstable voltage and provide a three year warranty on the mCube Lite, along with free head replacements for the lifetime of the product. This additional assurance may be enough to justify the cost to some.

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Last modified: June 15, 2011

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