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Although you may not have heard of Hiper, over the past few years they have produced some of the finest power supplies available to the mainstream user and enthusiast alike. However, their new TypeR range of PSUs is scheduled to blow competitors out of the water; with its huge 580W power output, and flashy looks. The particular model I will be reviewing is the Modular TypeR 580W model. TypeR, a name synonymous with speed and power. Let’s see if Hiper’s flashy boy racer can stand up to this prestigious name.


”High Performance Group” was founded with the passion of providing the computer users & customers the best innovative products & services. The company’s untraditional approach from its patented design to its business conducts gains itself partnership with many respectable firms including AMD. Always committed to excellence, High Performance Group strives to be the best in every aspect.


Taken from www.hipergroup.com

  • Unique user friendly modular design to reduce excess cables.
  • Patented design device extension cables
  • Supports ATX up to v2.2 & Intel BTX configuration.
  • Complies with all Intel & AMD CPU specification requirements.
  • Gold Plated connector, preventing rust & bad connection.
  • High efficiency APFC (Active Power Factor Correction).
  • Connects up to 4 SATA HDD + 8 other component devices.
  • Dedicated PCI-E connector.
  • EZ-Grip Molex connector.
  • Only 18db with 2 fan



The TypeR comes in a smoked plastic carry case, with a very fetching front logo. This case incidentally doubles as a toolbox, with a handle on top for easy transportation and a small utility shelf inside, with several neat compartments for all your computer tool needs.


Inside, the PSU is packed tightly with polystyrene pieces to keep it secure during transport, and is also plastic wrapped. All the cables that accompany this PSU are also bagged in plastic and housed neatly.

In total there are four 4-pin molex cables, one PCI-E connector, one 4-pin P4 connector, and the main 20+4 sliding ATX connector. Although this does not seem like many cables, Hiper have been kind enough to include a wealth of splitter cables. There is a 4-pin molex to PCI-E adapter, four molex extenders, one floppy adapter, and three SATA power adapters. This makes it easy to have the least amount of cables in your case as possible, making for much better air flow and a neater looking rig all round.


A Closer Look

This Power Supply has a fantastic black mirrored finish that excited me enough to enthusiastically tear the plastic wrap off with my teeth, as apposed to my normal more docile scissors technique.

There are two fans to cool this beast, with a 120mm chromed intake fan at the top, and an 80mm chromed exhaust fan at the rear. This, along with the grilled frame, gives this PSU fantastic cooling. While these fans are spinning, they give of a lovely blue glow that just adds that bit of flair that many other power supplies simply don’t have.


All of the included cables were coated in sexy black sleeving to minimize mess, and to add to their aesthetic appeal. The four pin molex cables all have “EZ-Grip” connectors, that make plugging and unplugging the cables very easy indeed. The most unique part of this power supply however, is the way that the cables are attached to it. They are first plugged in, and then held in place by screw rings that must be tightened after the cables have been attached, making for a very tight and secure connection.


I was also impressed with the noise levels from this PSU, as even with two fans – one being the notoriously noisy size of 80mm – they were almost silent, and running at very low RPM.



The way I will test the performance of this power supply is to leave it for 30 minutes running idle, and test the 3.33, 5, and 12 volt rails for their idle running voltages using speedfan. I will then run 3Dmark05 at high settings, so that graphics card and processor are drawing as much power as possible, testing the rail voltages again during the test.

The test rig that I will be using is as follows:

Processor: AMD 64 3500+ (Venice) @ 2.77
Motherboard: Dfi Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR
Memory: 2 OCZ PC4000 @ 252
Graphics Card: XFX PCX6600 @ 420/524
Hard Drives: Raptor 34GB 10k (SATA)
Add-On Devices: Thermaltake Hardcano 13
Cooling: Gigabyte 3D cooler pro

Idle Voltages Load Voltages
3.33v rail 3.33v 3.34v
5.00v rail 4.97v 5.03v
12.00v rail 12.03v 11.97v

As you can see, during idle and load times this PSU’s rails stand firm within a 1% margin or their intended voltages.



Overall, this PSU performed fantastically, with some of the tightest rails I have ever seen, even though it was powering a heavy overclocked system and several aftermarket cooling parts and a temperature monitor. Looks wise it is absolutely stunning. The chromed fans along with the mirror finished case go brilliantly with the eye catching blue led glow that emits from this beast. One of the most impressive parts of this product are the modular cables, which have stayed secure since this PSU entered my case, and to be honest I can’t see it leaving it for quite some time.

Pros Cons
Looks fantastic None
Rock stable rails
Well cooled
Clever modular cable solution

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  1. I thought Hiper had gone bust. They certainly don’t answer RMAs.

    1. They have indeed. This is a very old review :)

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