Enermax Pro 82

Enermax Pro 82+ 425W

The Enermax Pro 82+ is relatively small in comparison to other units – just 14cm in length! As I’m sure you’re aware, when speaking of size (not performance) of computing components, smaller is often better – an oddity in a world where bigger is better.

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In general, many enthusiasts take great pride in the aesthetics of their PC and small details like PSU’s make all the difference.  Luckily, the Pro 82+ is a bit of a beast in its own light. It features a glossy black finish, a golden fan grill and the product name (Pro 82+) spanned down the right and left sides of the unit. If I was cool enough, I’d be inclined to say “Blinging or what!?”

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The fan on the PSU is a clear 135mm spinner.  This little cooler is RPM controlled depending on the temperature inside the unit. For the silence freaks among us, this should aid pretty well in keeping the noise levels rock bottom.

Opposing the side of the PSU’s fan is the ordinary specifications sticker. This is listed in usual table format for easy analysis.

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Edging to the rear of the unit (where mains socket is), it’s much the same as any modern power supply. Compromising of a kettle socket, a switch and large honeycomb mesh area. Above the kettle socket is a sticker highlighting Enermax’s inclusion of an active PFC. You can read more about Active PFC here. Thank god there’s no 80mm fan, remember how noisy they were? To read more about PSU grills, check out our glossary entry here.

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Moving towards spaghetti junction, we have a vast array of cabling due to it not being modular. However with the help of some cable ties (perhaps the ones included), I’m sure you can find some nooks and crannies to manage cabling around your case.

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Speaking of cable management, aside from the cable tidies included, another devised method to aid you in improving airflow around your case is the braided cabling. All the cables are braided with black and yellow stripes with heat shrunk ends to keep the braiding taunt.

To assist you in identifying what each cable does, the two PCI-E connectors sport translucent red tips whilst all the other ones are black. The red connectors follow suit to Enermax’s red and black company colour scheme.

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Connections wise, we have the following:

  • 4x Molex
  • 5x SATA
  • 1x Floppy
  • 1x PCI-E 6+2 pin
  • 1x PCI-E 6 pin
  • 1x CPU 4+4 pin
  • 1x Motherboard 24pin

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