Coolermaster Silent Pro M500

Power supply units


Cooler Master is a renowned manufactured for PSUs and cases and once again they have delivered an impressive product which is not only able to maintain stable voltages throughout the whole of testing but is also able to maintain a very low level of noise.

For silent enthusiasts this could well be the unit for you as although Cooler Master have sacrificed some cooling in order to keep noise at a minimum, the performance is still more than satisfactory. Little added extras such as the silicon mounts make this PSU even better and stand out from the crowd.

To sum it up, a great power supply that is well worth looking into especially if noise is your number one enemy.

Pros Cons
Stable voltages throughout testing Not as tight rails as some units
VERY quiet  
Reasonable price point  
Can handle SLI configurations  



Thanks go to Coolermaster for providing us with this PSU

…and Miodrag for rocking.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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