Coolermaster Silent Pro M500

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Cooler Master Silent Pro M500

Matte black seems to be the accepted colour for PSUs and once again it’s brought into use with the Silent Pro M500. A 135mm fan is enclosed beneath a shiny silver grill sporting an even shinier Cooler Master logo.

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With high emphasis on silence with this product the fan undoubtedly is an important part; Cooler Master claim the 135mm fan should provide about 1.5 times as much CFM (cubic feet per minute/airflow) than a 120mm fan although of course this depends on the fan and so is quite a generalised statement.

Nonetheless the 135mm impeller allows for lower fan speeds and so should run quieter. Cooler Master released the graph below explaining the PWM nature of the fan speed. For the most part it stays at a constant 600RPM until the output power reaches 300W resulting in a steady increase up to about 850RPM at 500W.

Coolermaster Silent Pro 500w Review

The power socket and switch find themselves surrounded by the conventional honeycomb grill through which the ‘fin-type design’ can be seen. This is supposed to maximise heat dissipation and so allow the fan to spin at lower revolutions per minute thus meaning less noise.

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The specs are printed on one side of the unit and the output table for one, makes for interesting reading; a single +12V is utilised at 34A and the +3.3V and +5V rails only have 20A outputs which does seem a little low but I suppose modern systems don’t require as much power from the lower voltage rails.

The 50A on the single +12V rail is huge though and so should be able to handle even the most demanding of setups including SLI configurations.

Also found on the this side is the UL number – E320127 – unfortunately after a little research it just lead back to Cooler Master Ltd. So that didn’t really shed any light on the unit.

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The adjacent side sees a large Cooler Master logo – nothing wrong with some extra visuals.

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And the top has, yep you guessed it, another Cooler Master logo.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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