Coolermaster iGreen 430W

Power supply units


The iGreen Power 430w power supply performs well. That pretty much covers it. I really can’t think of any cons, apart from there not being SLI PCI-e connectors (i.e. two instead of one) but the next model up (iGreen Power 500w) provide not only more power but two PCI-e connectors (SLI). This gives you the option to pay more for SLI if you need it; smart choice by Coolermaster.

If you’re looking for a cheap-to-run, environmentally friendly, good-looking, compact, easy to install and silent PSU, the Coolermaster iGreen Power 430w is for you.

Pros Cons
Nice and shiny Only one PCI-e power cable
Great rails
Very efficient


Last modified: February 14, 2011

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