Chill Innovation 520w Super Silent

Chill Innovation 520w Super-Silent Review


Chill Innovation is a Scandinavian company that has been doing the rounds in the background of the PSU market since 2002. Now attempting to break their way into the enthusiast market with style they have released their new 520w Super Silent model (CP-520A4). It promises silence and maximum stability, can it deliver?


  • True 520W stable output
  • True virtual silent operation
  • 140 mm Ultra Silent Fan
  • Dual 12V Power Rails
  • Full black cable Sleeving & plugs
  • Gold pins for better contact
  • Detachable 20/24-pin cable
  • Detachable 4/8-pin EPS12V
  • 2x PCI-Express / SLI & CrossFire
  • RPM Monitor cable
  • RoHS Compliant

About Chill Innovation

Chill Innovation A/S is a Danish company specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of really silent Hi-END Power Supplies and accessories for computers and industrial servers worldwide. We are “noise enthusiasts” always looking for new ideas on how to reduce the noise pollution in modern computer systems – and make it affordable for even the average user.

The company has roots al the way back to 1996 where the interest for silent computer products started to emerge. Since the release of our first innovative CP-350A 350W Power Supply back in 2002, our company has grown in size and reputation all over the world. Our mission was to design “The most silent, and yet affordable Hi-END PSU in the world”. At that time true silent PSU’s were almost impossible to afford for the average consumer, and actually they were not even really good!

Our international sales and various hardware reviews proved we carried out the task! Today Chill Innovation is a highly appreciated brand still expanding throughout the world. Our customers expect only the best in Scandinavian quality, technology, engineering and design.

Bits and Box

The box is very eye catching as it uses contrasts of red and black. However, although it draws the eye the actual design of the box is a little lack luster and leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to a “Cool” looking box.

Chill Innovation Super Silent Review

The rear features the typical multilingual features and specs while the sides showing the different cables that come with this PSU.

Chill Innovation Super Silent Box Rear

The only extra you get with the CP-520A4 is a kettle lead.

Bundled Kettle Lead

The Chill Innovation 520w Super Silent

The PSU itself is much more fetching, it has a matt black finish that makes it stand apart from the chrome and mirrored surfaces of other power supplies out there at the moment.

Chill Innovation Super Silent PSU

The side has the rail specifics on voltages and ampage.

Voltage and Ampage specifications

The rear features a honeycombed grill to aide in heat dissipation. To read about the benefits of honeycombed grills, check out our glossary entry here.

Cooling Gril

The other cooling feature that the 520w sports, is a huge 140mm fan. Covering this fan is a nice, shiny grill that highlights the fact that this is one big fan.

Cooling Grill

All of the cables that come with the Super Silent (Except the fan speed readout) are braided in black which makes them look very professional and neat. Braiding also helps with cable management as it is a lot easier to guide the cables into spaces without risk of getting any caught or damaged.

Cable Braiding

A feature we always look for with power supplies here at XSR is quick release molex headers as they have really helped us in the past when dealing with small or cramped cases. Unfortunately this PSU doesn’t have the connectors. Hopefully it will be something Chill Innovation bring into their range in the future.


When it comes to PCI-E, Chill Innovation have got you covered with twin 6pin power adaptors. However these is no 8pin power connector so you may run into problems when it comes to future GPUs that support only the 8pin socket.

NB. After writing this review, Chill Innovation informed me that all power supplies that they produce above 600w will feature this plug.

Twin 6pin PCIE connector

Dual Rails

The Chill Innovation 520w features dual 12v rails. To read about what this means, check out our glossary entry here.


For testing power supplies, we get together the most power hungry of all our hardware, get it all plugged in and then test the rail’s outputs at idle and at load to check their stability.

Testing is performed using Asus Probe. A multimeter is used to check accuracy of readings.

The pieces of hardware that the Super Silent CP-520A4 powered were:

Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.7ghz
Asus P5W DH Deluxe
2gb OCZ Special Ops. Urban Elite @ 900mhz
1x 36gb WD Raptor
1x 80gb WD Caviar SE
1x LG CD/DVD Writer combo.
3x 120mm Noiseblocker fans



Throughout testing the Super Silent’s rails were very stable indeed, never fluctuating more than 0.033v. However although the 3.3v was pretty much spot on, the 5v and 12v rails were not the tightest around. This shouldn’t cause any problems as stability is the most important factor, but those that only go for components with perfect statistics may need to think on this one.


The Chill Innovation 520w PSU was almost totally silent. It didn’t make a whisper of noise throughout testing and you practically had to have your ear pressed against its rear to hear even the slightest noise.


The 520w is a stable and stylish power supply featuring cable braiding and an 80% plus efficiency rating. However, it isn’t a particularly powerful PSU so if you are going for a high end SLI or Crossfire rig we would suggest a more powerful model. Also, those looking to invest in 8pin powered GPUs in the future may find this PSU a little limiting.

All in all the Chill Innovation 520w power supply is great, and due to its near silence, a joy to use. With a few upgrades and a small power hike, this could be one of the best PSUs around.

Pros Cons
Stylish matt black finish Not particularly powerful
Cable braiding Lacks quick release molex and 8pin power connector
One of the quietest PSUs around

9 Star

I’d like to thank our sponsors Chill Innovation for providing us with this PSU.

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