Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 850w

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Be Quiet Dark Power 850w


There are many PSU companies out there, from well known ones like Coolermaster, Corsair, Hiper and Enermax, to some more obscure ones like Ikonik, Silver Power and InWin; here at XSR we’ve reviewed units from all of them. Today I’m checking out one from another relatively unknown company, Be Quiet. Being closely knit with gaming peripheral makers Revoltec gave these guys a good head start in our books here, but how will the unit stand up compared to the myriad of PSUs we’ve reviewed recently? Only one way to find out. Let’s get testing.

Tehnical Data

  • ATX12V Version 2.2
  • 1x 24 Pin Motherboard Connector with Adaptor to 20 Pin
  • 1x RPM control (3pin)
  • 1 x cable for peripherals 600+150+150+150+150mm( 2xSATA / 2xHDD / 1xFDD )
  • 2 x cable for peripherals 600+150+150+150mm ( 4 x HDD )
  • 1 x cable for peripherals 600+150+150+150mm ( 3 x HDD / 1xFDD )
  • 2 x cable for SATA connector 600mm+100+100+100(4 x SATA) include 3.3V
  • 4 x cable for PCIe connector 600mm with 8pin to 6+2pin
  • 1 x cable for P8 connector ( 8 pins ) 600mm
  • 1 x cable for P4 connector ( 4pin ) 600mm
  • 1 x cable for Motherboard ( Molex 4pin ) 600mm
  • 1 x cable for mainbord ( Dualboard ) EPS 6pin 600mm
  • 4 x cable for case fans ( controlled by PSU ) 700mm ( 1 x Molex / 1 x 3pin )
  • 1 x cable for peripherals 500mm ( 1x HDD )
  • 2 x cable for SATA 500mm ( 1 x SATA )
  • Active PFC
  • 6 seperated 12V rails
  • Specification: +3,3V: 26A, +5V: 30A, +12V1: 20A, +12V2: 20A, +12V3: 20A, +12V4: 20A, +12V5: 20A, +12V6: 20A, -12V: 0,8A, +5VSB: 4A (peak 5A)


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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