Zowie Mico RTS Mouse

Zowie Mico


Not every mouse needs to be some huge gamer palm gripper with MMO buttons, colour changing lights, DPI switches, different profiles and lift off sensors. Sometimes you just want to go back to basics, a slower paced rodent for a slower paced game. That’s what Zowie have purportedly put together in their Mico mouse. It’s “only” got a DPI of 1600 in three different steppings, but they’ve worked together with pro Starcraft players to make it, so it’s unlikely to lower your APM.


Ambidextrous competitive gaming mouse, usable with both hands
Perfect for claw-grip and gamers with small hands
ZOWIE custom lens; 2mm lift-off distance – works on all surfaces
Co-developed with professional StarCraft & StarCraft 2 players from Korea
Lightweight, fast and accurate optical gaming mouse
No drivers or software Just plug and play

Operating System

Mac OS X v10.2 after


Dots Per Inch: 400/800/1600
Max. Acceleration: up to 30G
Max. Speed: up to 50 inches/second
USB report rate: 500Hz
Length of cable: 1.8m / 5.8 ft
Weight: 68g (ex. cable)
Connector: USB
Buttons: 3

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