Zowie G-TF Speed



For testing this product I used a CM Storm Sentinel Advance mouse for its quick change DPI and weights. And to really test the precision, I decided to go with a couple of FPS games (Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 and Counter Strike: Source).


Having a play around on my desktop first, there was an obvious difference between it and the normal cloth mat I usually use for internet browsing, even at a low DPI of 1100 there was a smoother glide to my cursor.

When gaming, I usually use a plastic high texture mat (Ozone’s Exposure) so this G-TF has a competitor to stand up to.

There was a noticeable difference at 2600 or higher DPI; the inability to aim properly. I prefer high DPI myself and I’m used to excellent precision at 3800, but I find that hard to achieve with this mousemat. The texture spacing is slightly wider than I’m used to.

I switched down to 1100DPI, which I’m told is superior for precision quality. I did get the precision I was looking for, however this meant a lot more effort on my part dragging the mouse around. However, this made full use of the mats size.

I also noticed how firm sticking the mat was. So long as nothing got underneath it (Cards, paper etc) then it stuck in place quite well. And doesn’t stick to the table when you attempt to remove it.


Price wise, expect to be laying out £20-£25 for this mat, which isn’t rediculous, but it’s a bit much when it’s poor at high DPIs.

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