Zowie G-TF Speed

Product Features

The original G-TF was very popular in the gaming community, and the G-TF Speed Version was born from that popularity.

Having the name “Speed” this mat certainly has a lot to live up to. On first impression the surface feels quite slick which isn’t something you see on most cloth mats.

Zowie G-TF Speed
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The surface is unique, the texture of cloth but the precision of plastic. It’s even waterproof! I took the waterproof claim with a grain of salt until I tried it out for myself.

I was shocked. It actually repels the water extremely well.

The base of it is also brilliantly designed.

Zowie G-TF Speed
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It sticks to flat, solid surface very well. Though it can’t stick to cloth surface at all (Probably what I get for having a huge cloth mat on my PC desk). It’s also shiny, so can be used to blind your enemies in a tight situation.

Apart from a single SpawN tag in the corner, this mousemat goes in for the plain look. It’s spacious and begs to be filled in somehow. I find that a nice huge mouse does this job quite well.

Its size is testimony to its gaming fathers.  Low DPI + Large high texture mousemat = Precision (Apparently).

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