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How do you test a gaming mouse, I hear you ask. Well, by playing games. Lots of games.

So to test the Zowie EC2 I played a few different types of games as well as using it for day to day PC use and reported on my findings.


Lately I’ve been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Gatling Gears, some old school C&C Red Alert and TES IV: Oblivion. The mouse generally performed well in all of these, it may not have the highest DPI of the gaming mice available but still gives you the speed and accuracy you need, unless you need to change DPI quickly for whichever reason, in which case you have to pick up the mouse and turn it over to do so.

After using the Zowie EC2 in day to day computer use for a short time I have no problems to report here. The mouse feels very smooth when moving it across a mousemat or tabletop etc., it’s almost effortless to move.

As for the lift off distance claimed on the box, again, the EC2 did well, it ceases to track at around 2mm~. Though there is an odd point at around a centimetre where the cursor will start tracking in a random direction, to achieve this you need to hold the mouse fairly still, any further or closer to the mouse mat and the movement will stop. It certainly doesn’t interfere either when gaming or just generally using the PC.

It all adds up to make this mouse a pleasure to use.


Despite not having anywhere to rest your little finger (something I’ve grown fond of with the mouse I usually use) it’s actually surprisingly comfortable to use. I was able to use a palm grip with it, though thanks to its abidextrous nature a claw grip is also possible. I did find that for a while I was very aware I was holding a mouse with the EC2 but not in an anyway that made it uncomfortable or unpleasant to use; this notice faded over time.

No sweaty palms here, either. Well done, Mr. fancy coating.


It’ll cost you around £50. Not exactly cheap but you do get a nice bit of kit. Be aware, though, there are better performing mice (on paper at least) on the market for around the same price.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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