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Reviews on keyboards and mice can only tell you so much as a lot of whether they work for you is based on personal preferences. Because of this it’s generally a good idea to test such devices for yourself before you commit to buy.

To test this bundle I will be using the keyboard and mouse over a period of time, this will mostly involve general PC usage as this bundle isn’t exactly aimed at gamers (it totally doesn’t have anywhere near enough flashy lights and pointy bits anyway).


The keyboard is quite pleasurable to type on considering it’s size and my fat hands although the keys feel a little stiff to press down. I found this didn’t impair my typing ability and I didn’t really notice after I’d been typing with it for a short time.

Comfort wise it’s pretty good, too. After prolonged periods of use I have no complaints and it’s size greatly helps when using it away from the desk. It’s fairly light so you could even stand around with it sitting on your palm without your wrists/arms getting tired. The shape of it allows you to prevent it from sliding off with your fingers, too.

As for the mouse, it’s quite responsive and like the keyboard it’s also quite comfortable to use despite it’s small size. There’s no sticky out bits like you’d get on a more focused (usually gaming) mouse but there’s nothing about it that makes it in any way uncomfortable or awkward to use, wherever you choose to use it. It had no quarrels when it left the safety of a mouse mat and took a trip to be used on the sofa, my leg and pretty much anything else I could think of.

The range on both the keyboard and mouse was also good, giving you more than enough coverage to take care of even the biggest rooms and that nice looking shiny finish appears to be very resistant to fingerprints which is always nice.


The only software to speak of is a small on-screen display that shows you the caps lock, scroll lock and num lock status as well as the condition of the batteries in both the mouse and keyboard (well, the lights turn red when the power is low).

Verbatim Slim

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I predict having that little OSD floating around will get somewhat irritating after a while but without it you’re unaware of whether you’ve left the num lock on until you begin to type or look up from the keyboard and see that you’ve accidentally typed half of it as numbers. It wouldn’t exactly have been a stretch to include a few small LEDs and given the choice, I know which I’d pick.


I’ve seen this bundle for anywhere from £25 to £45. You’re getting a good little keyboard and mouse for the lower end of that price range but getting towards £40 and over is a little silly for a small keyboard and mouse with no fancy features, death rays or tea and coffee making facilities to speak of.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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