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The mouse was tested in a variety of scenarios, both in normal everyday computer use, then in gaming scenarios as intended.


The mouse is very comfortable to use for long periods of time without issue. It is a little bigger than some mice, particularly in height, but allows the hand to rest comfortably. The low action on the buttons allow comfortable use with only gentle pressure required to click the buttons. The mouse wheel is also well-placed, with a rubberised coating and ridged surface which allows easy use without any slipping, even in the heat of battle with sweaty hands.

General use

In general, the mouse works pretty well for normal everyday use. People used to having additional buttons on mice such as navigation or zoom buttons may not appreciate their absence, but as a general use mouse it is difficult to fault.

Gaming (Quake III)

To really put the mouse through its paces, some fast-paced Quake III deathmatching was in order. The Azurues worked admirably, with superb responsiveness and comfort in the middle of the action. The rubberised coating helped retain a good grip, while the non-rubberised sides allow for shifting of the hand as the situation demands it. The only issue some people MAY have is that unlike some mice, the DPI can’t be tweaked on the fly since the button is on the underside of the mouse, but for most games and indeed most players, this is not really an issue. The low action on the buttons is particularly good, requiring very little pressure and affording a rapid response time to incoming threats.


The Azurues can be found for around £25-£30 which is a fairly reasonable price for a simple, durable gaming mouse.


The Azurues is a well-designed budget mouse, and a strong offering for Thermaltake. While it may not be for the ‘power gamer’ crowd who gravitate towards RPG mice with a dozen or more different buttons, it is still undeniably a durable, comfortable mouse that more ‘purist’ FPS gamers will no doubt appreciate. The ambidextrous styling is also a plus, as the lack of side buttons and straight styling allows use of the mouse with either hand.

As a side note, the liberal use of so-called “Engrish” is a little disappointing for someone with such longstanding notoriety as Thermaltake. In some ways it is understandable (if not excusable) from a company headquartered in Taiwan, but it does tarnish impressions slightly, as it presumably would not be too difficult or expensive to have even people within the Thermaltake California office proof-read lines like “Teflon feet material to maximize movement activity and enables for high durability” or the previously mentioned product tagline and tweak them to a more natural idiom. Even the name itself, Azurues just *feels* like a typo of “Azureus.” It leaves a slight impression of cheap / apathetic workmanship, which frankly and in fairness, the product itself doesn’t really deserve.

Overall, if you are in the market for a simple, effective mouse without too much clutter or half a dozen buttons you will never use, this is definitely one to take a look at.


  • Sleek, stylish yet simple design
  • Ambidextrous functionality
  • Adjustable DPI and weights allow good degree of customisation
  • No clutter of unnecessary buttons for ‘purist’ users and gamers


  • DPI can’t be adjusted mid-game like some mice without flipping mouse over
  • No additional buttons may be an unacceptable limitation for some
  • The use of bad grammar is at best off-putting and at worst, confusing.


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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