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Steelseries Xai Review


There’s no denying the value of a good gaming mouse. Laser technology has taken the optical sensor one step further, and as games increase in complexity and graphical splendour the demand for increased precision is pushed to the limit.

SteelSeries step into the fray with yet another addition to their gaming mouse line-up. These guys just love stretching peripheral technology to fit the gamer’s ever-evolving requirements. They say the bad workman blames his tools. Well, no gamer great or small could blame the recent generations of gaming gear. We’re getting closer and closer to the perfect interface of man and machine.

Herein we shall see how the SteelSeries’ Xai Laser Mouse tip-toes those few extra feet and discover if this latest instalment can keep out the dreaded chill of consumer disapproval.


  • Symmetrical ambidextrous shape
  • 100-5001 CPI / 12,000 FPS / 150 IPS
  • 125-1000Hz adjustable polling rate with 1Hz increments
  • On-board LCD display for configuration any time
  • High-definition sensor: 10.8 MegaPixel Per second
  • 5 fully configurable profiles
  • 7 macro-programmable buttons


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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