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After a long period of usage, keyboards become dirty. Sometimes they lose buttons. Sometimes this happens because you smack it at the wall in anger. Whatever reason you have for getting a new keyboard, you also need good reasons to buy a specific one. Maybe one that can be cleaned easily, maybe one that has better resistance to walls.

Introducing, the Shift keyboard. It’s a multimedia chameleon board with removable keyset, aimed at hardcore gamers. Offering a skeleton backpplate which can be used with specialized keysets, which in turn can be programmed through the Steelseries’ Engine software. Let’s see if the Shift can convince you as well as us.

What does Steelseries tell us about the Shift?

Shift it for a million things. Fact: we are all different. We all use our equipment in different ways. We don’t know what you will do with the Shift, but we can imagine a million different things – and we’ve designed the Shift to do all of them. SteelSeries Shift can be configured, customized and personalized to do pretty much anything you can imagine. That’s why Shift is for everyone. Whoever you are. Whatever you do. It can reduce reaction time in First Person Shooters, it can increase Actions Per Minute in Real Time Strategy titles and it can do advanced macros (including timed delays) in Massive Multiplayer Online games.


Keyset: QWERTY – extended, replaceable keyset
Input: 2x USB2.0 (1x Data 1x Power)
Output: 2x USB2.0, Audio, Microphone
Material: Plastic (black)
Software: Steelseries Engine

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  1. Damn. The review is nice. Might as well add this nifty keyboard to my watchlist! Solid product indeed!

    1. Thanks mate! Happy to hear :)

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