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The Steelseries Engine software allows for the ultimate customization of a keyboard with a great extend of features. The software also works for other keyboards from their portfolio. In the above picture I use the MMO-keyset. As you can see all the emotes are already included as macros. The good part is, with this software you can change any key to have any macro. This can range from your favourite: “BrBeer” macro up to a nifty NPC-scan or cook macro. Steelseries already supplied a few pre-configured profiles for several MMO’s and the Medal of Honour FPS.

Steelseries Shift MMO

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The cool thing about the keysets is that they’re plug-and-play. It takes only a moment for the software to recognize no keyset is present in the Shift-skeleton, and also just a moment to recognize the new keyset. Besides hot plugging hardware, the Shift’s software also allows for specific game profiles to be set and also to trigger activation of a specific profile when launching a program, by specifying the .exe that triggers the profile.

Steelseries Shift MMO

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As a last present the software holds a stroke and ‘hotzones’ counter. It shows you how many keystrokes you manage within the time you start the counter, but also lightens up specific zones of the keyboard you most intensively use.

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Last modified: April 8, 2014

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  1. Damn. The review is nice. Might as well add this nifty keyboard to my watchlist! Solid product indeed!

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      Thanks mate! Happy to hear :)

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