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I find the best way to test a mouse is to use it for what it’s designed for. In most cases that means spending an afternoon playing games; what a tough life I have. The games used for testing were:

League of Legends
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Serious Sam HD

The mat I used for testing this mouse was the Mionix Sargas 460 cloth pad.

I also performed a simple, straight line accuracy test.


League of Legends

This is a great fast paced strategy title to test a mouse with. It requires rapid mouse work, lots of clicking and coordination with keyboard shortcuts.

My usual style of mouse control is a claw grip; has been for years. A palm grip has never felt right to me, so I expected to utilise the ambidextrous nature of the Sensei to mirror this. Interestingly though, I ended up slipping into a hybrid of the two very easily. I still handle the mouse with my fingers, but there is some palm stabilisation there as well. This makes for excellent control over the rodent, making precision and speed possible without impacting one or the other.

I was also surprised and impressed with how smooth the Sensei is. You don’t feel the mat surface or the mouse itself, it just glides beautifully on the teflon feet. I’ve used a lot of mice during my 6 year tenure as a reviewer, but this one is the smoothest so far.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Since FPS games utilise what’s known as a twitch style of combat, for this test I ramped up the DPI to see if the extra speed that the Sensei offers would give me an edge. Not being one to do gaming in half measure, I immediately opted for the maximum 11,400 DPI, which is a software doubling of the actual 5,700. Presumably this is done in the same way that the windows pointer speed is adjusted, by changing what a dot actually is. Is it 1 pixel or 5? Unfortuantely at this extreme, there are some accuracy issues, not to mention the fact that at this speed, a 360 rotation of your character requires less than an inch of mouse movement.

Scaling things down to a more manageable 6,000 DPI, I was able to play properly and began gunning down opponents with glee. I’m no expert FPS gamer, but I did fairly well, notching up a good kill count. With the DPI at a level I could play at, I found the Sensei to be very accurate as well as reponsive, giving me about as good an advantage as it could. Better gamers than me might be able to operate at an even higher sensitivity, shaving a couple of miliseconds more off their response times, but even with my modest skill, I found it easy to pickup and play and an improvement over my usual 2500 DPI mouse.

Serious Sam HD

This game was more for a measure of comfort than anything, as it doesn’t require fast reaction times as much as it does a strong finger to keep the trigger held down for long periods of time. Still, I found the Sensei to be nice to use causing me no problems.

This could be perhaps the best way to describe the Sensei, you don’t really notice it. It sits comfortably in your hand, in whatever grip style you prefer, deliving accuracy and very high levels of sensitivity. It’s a little contrived, but it feels like an extension of your own arm in some senses. This is a truly excellent mouse to game with.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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4 Responses to :
Steelseries Sensei

  1. Froted says:

    How do you configure the graphics below? Is there any difference of the steelseries engine to that of previous steelseries drivers? would there be in app sensing to find which app is running? smth like the Kone?

    1. Whoopty says:

      As far as I’m aware, you need to manually switch which profile you have setup, but it only takes a couple seconds.

  2. genoy says:

    Great review. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Finding the perfect mouse for yourself is hard. But having multiple reviews on items helps out. Trying to find something to replace my Diamondback still :) this mouse seems like a good option to put on my list.

    1. Whoopty says:

      I would heartily recommend it. The only caveat to this review that I should add, is due to the smooth surface, the top does collect a lot of dirt. It needs cleaning once every couple weeks unless you don’t mind finger marks.

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