Steelseries Kinzu


The Kinzu is nothing remarkable as far as gaming mice goes but it does what it’s supposed to. It may not catch your eye, but it’s sensitivite and it’s certainly very accurate. It’s software is nice and simple, but it’s a very dull looking peripheral, and while abidextrous it doesn’t have much leeway for varied hand sizes.

Still, it has a great price point and does it’s job well. For anyone who wants something without the bells and whistles, the Kinzu is an excellent choice. It’s also the kind of peripheral that won’t turn the wrong heads in an office setting, as it could come across as quite professional. If you’re looking for a higher sensitivity mouse to work with discretely, this would be a good one to go for.

Pros Cons
Good sensitivity Boring looking
Nicely accurate A bit small
Great price point  



Thanks go to Steelseries for providing us with this mouse.

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