Steelseries Kinzu


Mount and Blade Warband

Warband requires various skills that can be amplified by a nice gamer mouse: accuracy for the ranged archery, and speed during the fast paced hand to hand combat which is augmented by a high DPI mouse.

Bumping the Kinzu’s sensitivity up to the max, I found it a pretty easy mouse to use. It certainly was accurate enough for the ranged combat sequences and I could swing with wild abandone in the hand to hand fighting without any problems at all. It doesn’t feel quite as smooth crossing the mat as perhaps the Razer Abyssus did, but it’s still a very nice mouse to hack and slash with.

Dawn of War II Chaos Rising

DoW II CR is a very fast paced strategy title that could find the player hindered quite severely if their gaming peripherals arn’t up to scratch. Fortunately the Kinzu didn’t dissappoint here and I zipped around the map with no problems at all. Accuracy wise I had no issue selecting units even in the frantic battles that often saw many units engaged in hand to hand fighting.

It would have been nice in some senses to have had some customisable side buttons to setup some macro build orders, but ultimately I prefer this streamline style of mouse.


Ultimately the Kinzu is a relatively comfortable mouse, but it’s definately geared more towards the claw grip than palm style. Initially I found it quite hard to find my comfort spot on the mouse, but after a few minutes fiddling around I found it. Sweat build up was surprisingly not much of a problem despite its plastic back.

One thing that must be noted for this mouse however, is that even though I only have small hands, this mouse felt small to me. I wouldn’t recommend this one for anyone with above average hand size as I think you’ll find this particular peripheral a bit too small to hold comfortably.


Depending on where you shop, you can find the Kinzu for as low as £25 which puts it far below the pricing of some of the higher end gaming mice out there.

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