Steelseries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition



The Steelseries Kinzu is a strong offering in the budget level gaming mice. Simple and unadorned, it still provides an excellent gaming experience, with a low-profile, comfortable body that causes no discomfort during long gaming sessions. The lack of complexity also makes it easy to just plug in and go, with full compatibility on both Windows and Mac OS X with no additional drivers needed.

For the most part, bringing things back to a simpler form and reducing the number of buttons is a lot less restrictive than originally thought, though this may obviously vary with specific games and playing styles. The mouse held up well to both complex games such as World of Warcraft and simple FPS games such as Quake.


  • Simple, elegant design with no clutter
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Well priced


  • Some gamers might find the limited buttons restrictive in some cases
  • Bit basic


Last modified: June 15, 2012

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Steelseries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition

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