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In order to put the Kinzu through its paces, it was tested out against three primary functions: Slower-paced, complex games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo III, faster-paced games such as Quake III, and general everyday use as a standard mouse.

World of Warcraft

Surprisingly, even for someone used to multi-button mice such as the previously reviewed World of Warcraft mouse from Steelseries, I found that the Kinzu held up well. The relatively low profile (at least in comparison to some other gaming mice) provided a very comfortable experience over long periods of gameplay without any sense of fatigue or muscle tiredness.

Diablo III

The Kinzu is similar in style to the Steelseries Diablo III mouse in profile and layout (notwithstanding extra buttons) so it was a natural fit for use with Diablo III. The mouse is comfortable and has a short action for the rapid clicking required of any Diablo game. Response time is more than adequate for movement and rapid clicking.

Quake III

The mouse is particularly well suited for FPS use, with the small button under the mousewheel used to switch between low and high response. This means that for precision work such as using sniper rifles, the mouse can be quickly switched into low DPI mode. During fast-paced action, the mouse also performed well, with very quick reaction times and the glide pads underneath providing very smooth operation and low resistance. This is definitely the area where Steelseries have focused their attention on this mouse, and it shows. The more simplistic controls of an FPS game lend themselves well to the traditional two-button mouse setup, with no real feeling of a need for more.

General Use

The Kinzu 2 is very comfortable for standard use, in much the same way it is comfortable for long gaming sessions. The low profile and short travel on the buttons ensure comfortable use and cause no noticable strain or fatigue, even after a full day of use.


The Kinzu can be found for around £30 which is a little more expensive than some mid-range offerings, but nevertheless it retains the feel of a premium product and allows more configuration and sensitivity adjustment than many other mice in its class. For a budget gaming mouse, it is definitely a solid choice for the price.


Last modified: June 15, 2012

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