SteelSeries Ikari Laser


The SteelSeries Ikari is what I expected the Razer Lachesis to be; it’s perfect. Driver-less usage, 100% adjustable on-the-fly CPI, comfortable shape, great looks and all importantly, a fantastic sensor.

The cost is the only downside… it weighs in at a very heavy £60. Considering as you can get a low-end Intel CPU for the same money, it’s a hard one to sell. However, after using this for a few days, it’s truly an incredible mouse and the price-tag is probably deserved considering the obvious R&D and quality control that has gone into it.

The bottom line is, the SteelSeries Ikari wipes the floor with EVERY other mouse I’ve tested, which is definitely no mean feat

Pros Cons
Comfortable High price
Perfect accuracy and tracking
Driver-less on-the-fly accuracy adjustment



Thanks go to SteelSeries for providing us with the mouse.

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  1. […] SteelSeries Ikari Laser Review XS Reviews :: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 “We’ve seen high-end mice for a while now, with most gamers either opting for a Razer or Logitech branded mouse to do their fragging. SteelSeries have recently added a third vendor to the list with their Ikari Laser mouse, which I have here ready to be put through its paces. […]

  2. Nice review man!

    You’re one of the few good writers out there…

    All the others are about looks, features and warranties. You actually said something useful.

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