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The 7G is a fantastic keyboard, lets just get that straight. Sure it might not come packing a billion macro keys, ok it doesn’t have any, but that’s not necessary for everyone; I for one almost never use them. It does though have media keys which are easily activated and seamlessly integrated into a standard keyboard making the 7G a very compact and concise peripheral.

Typing wise this keyboard is equal only to the Valo, a slightly more expensive board, and it sounds fantastic as you do. It’s latency responses are excellent, it has USB hub abilities with two 3.3mm jacks along with more simultaneous key presses than any other board out there.

Ultimately I would put this keyboard up there with the best ones available. This one is for the purists among you, the twitch gamers that don’t need the endless macro options of the usual software controlled systems. It accomplishes the basic actions of a keyboard perfectly, and while not having the bells and whistles of other boards it is only when using the 7G that you realise it doesn’t have to, its perfect the way it is.

Pros Cons
High quality construction Lacks macro keys
Concise structure and layout Wrist rest should lock in to keyboard
Very low latency key presses
Great to type on
No bloated software or firmware



Thanks go to Steelseries for providing us with this keyboard.

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Last modified: April 8, 2014

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