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When it comes to comfort the 7G does surprisingly well. It’s keys are wonderfully smooth and I absolutely adore the staccato rhythm you can hammer out when typing at full speed, it just sounds like a keyboard should; though may irritate anyone else in the room. The plastic wrist rest is very comfortable, though does suffer a little from perspiration buildup just like plastic mouse mats can, but its only very slight.

The fact that its so heavy – while being an odd experience at least when traveling with it – does make the 7G incredibly sturdy, and it really isn’t going anywhere once placed in your preferred position on your desktop.

The size of the keyboard too was very attuned to my hand size; rather small. I’m sure those with big hands would have no problems with it, but because of the compact nature of the keys, I found it far easier to use – and learn its key layout – than some of the larger on
s I’ve tested in the past.

No Software

There’s no software included with the 7G at all; it doesn’t need it. There are no macro keys to program, and no firmware updates that are necessary it just works right out the box. That said, because of the PS2 connector you do need to plug it in the first time with your PC shutdown, but other than that its as plug and play as you get; and certainly more so than some of the bloated driver infested boards some companies put out.

Simultaneous Key Presses

Now this is one of the most touted features of the 7G, thanks to PS2 ghosting, and it’s use of two connector cables, you can press every key on the 7G at once, and it will be recognised. While this is certainly something to be impressed by – as no other keyboard can claim to be able to do it – but I’m not sure of the validity of it. The only real times I’ve run into problems with multiple key presses is when sharing a keyboard with another party, as we’re making use of a Rom to play an old game with. Other than that I’m not sure where you’d need to press more than a few keys at a time.

If anyone has an instance where this feature would be of real use to you, please let me know.


Thanks to the full metal construction of the interior, this keyboard is extremely durable, while being very heavy as a downside. According to official figures it’s “six times” as durable as a standard keyboard, and while I’m not sure how you measure it, I’m quite certain that this is an apt figure, as this keyboard is very tough. The fact also that it has “gaming grade durability” allowing for over 50 million keystrokes before this bad boy starts to go down, you should have no problems lugging this it around to lan parties and the like.


Unfortunately, while I adore the 7G, it does fall into the price bracket of some of the most expensive kit out there, costing a sizeable £90. The reason for this is the full metal construction and the gold connectors meaning there’s a lot of expensive metal inside the normally fully plastic keyboard.

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Last modified: April 8, 2014

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