Steelseries 7G

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General Usage

This keyboard is great to type on. I love it, if for nothing than while utilising my hover-above-the-keys-and stab-down technique for typing, it creates a fantastic type writer noise. It also feels very smooth when you tap away at the keys, and apart from getting used to the half sized backspace key, I had no problem getting used to the more compact layout. Typing wise, the 7G is easily in the same realm as the Valo, but interestingly for different reasons. It’s not as smooth, but it feels crisp and accurate. It’s hard to explain but its keys spring back seemingly faster meaning you can really type at your full potential; speed wise at least.

The fact that its so heavy also means it really isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard you type on it, and with the wrist rest angled as it is, you’re hands are placed in the perfect position to type from.

One thing that I disliked though is how loose the wrist rest/surround is, as since it doesn’t lock into the keyboard – just fitting around it loosely – whenever you attempt to move the 7G itself you end up just picking up the surround. They always need to be moved separately with no way to make them a single piece. It’s not the end of the world, and it bodes well for this keyboard if I’m nitpicking this much, but this was a minor annoyance.

Crysis Warhead

Crysis warhead isn’t as frantic as some shooters, but it does have quite a wide variety of keyboard commands, be it normal movement, weapon customisation, suit mode choice or grenade slinging. With that in mind I played through an hour or so of the single player campaign and found it to be excellent. It was incredibly responsive – not that we’re going to notice the millisecond differences between this and a standard board – but it seemed fast, and was very comfortable and easy to use.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

PotBS is an underrated MMO from Flying Lab Software that puts you in the captains chair of your own nautical vessel in the 1700s as you take on pirates and other nations as a naval officer, privateer or freetrader. It’s a relatively slow paced MMO so comfort is important, with macro keys also coming in to play. Unfortunately though, this board doesn’t have any. While this isn’t the end of the world, and certainly keyboards like the Valo probably have a few too many, it would have been nice to see a few programmable buttons. That said, I can see they were going for a far more streamlined gaming keyboard with the 7G, and not a bells and whistles job so really it comes down to how often you utilise macro commands.

NB. XSR is running a couple of promotions with Pirates of the Burning Sea at the moment. If you’re in the military, you can get 6 months free here. Also, if you arn’t but would like a free month with no restrictions, use the key code “BoardingParty38” and you’ll receive it.

Dawn of War II

Dawn of War II is another title that could benefit here and there from Macros, but they aren’t essential. Obviously I couldn’t make use of them with the 7G, but in every other respect it worked brilliantly. It’s got a fantastically smooth operation which I really began to notice while using it to navigate around the map as I ordered my units around.

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Last modified: April 8, 2014

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