Steelseries 6Gv2


This is a beautiful keyboard. It’s 7G with the fat trimmed. No serious gamer wants the twin 3.5mm connectors and USB on the keyboard, the 6Gv2 gives you all the good bits without these extras. Sure it’s a bit dull to look at – if a bit professional – and it might weigh a tonne – though James Mcavoy would have use for it – but it’s an amazing keyboard for what a keyboard is used for; typing and gaming. Ok it lacks macro keys, but its beautiful to tap away at and its incredibly responsive.

Get rid of the extras and give me a board that does the basics perfectly. Also it’s rage proof. Very handy.


Professional, classical look
Incredibly durable and strong
Black Cherry MX switches have a long life
Beautiful to type on
Switches reduce gaming response time


No wrist rest like the 7G
Some might find it a bit boring to look at

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