Speedlink XBox 360 Headset Adapter


The adapter does exactly what it says on the tin. If you are a PC gamer (or even a Skype user) and have a decent headset already, the adapter saves you owning more kit. The one disadvantage of the side slots on the connector is that certain third party controllers such as the Razer Onza do not have the required rectangular holes to make use of peripherals that require them. In the case of this adapter, it does seem to be plain plastic purely for stability, so an industrious modder may be able to remove them without impairing the functionality of the device. As it stands though, the stock adapter may not work with certain third party controllers, which is of course no fault of Speedlink.

Overall, it is a cheap and easy way to make use of a wider headset market or a better quality headset you already have.


  • Allows a much wider range of choice / for Xbox headsets.
  • Cheaper approach than many headsets
  • Allows PC gamers to use existing quality headsets to be reused.


  • May not be compatible with some third party controllers
  • Inputs are a little close by necessity, which may restrict thicker jacks.

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