Speedlink XBox 360 Headset Adapter


The adapter slots neatly into the standard Xbox controller and fits snugly, with a decent amount of force required to detach it. There are no issues with slippage or movement, thanks in part to the side slots which keep it from twisting. The headset plugs in comfortably to the 3.5mm jacks without too much pressure and seem to be fairly sturdy. By necessity of mirroring the standard XBox connector, the inputs are relatively close together, which may cause issues with larger jacks; however, there were no issues with any review equipment.


For general chatting on the XBox, the adapter works perfectly well. The quality itself obviously comes from the headset, but the adapter operated without any issues and remained functional and sturdy without any audio loss or crackling. Sound quality is more than adequate from the test headphones, with everything coming through clearly.


When gaming, the adapter also performed exactly as expected. The ability to use a high quality set of headphones for the best possible fidelity is definitely an advantage, particularly within the chaotic environment of a fast-paced FPS game, such as Gears of War, Halo 3 or Call of Duty. Again, the adapter remained steady, without falling out during the action or experiencing any audio issues.


The adapter can be found for around £5-£10 which is pretty good value provided you already have a good quality 3.5mm headset to use.

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