Speedlink Wii Classic Controller



There isn’t a lot of testing that can be done with this product beyond trying it out and seeing how it compares to the original Gamecube design.

Please bear in mind that all opinions here are subjective for such a peripheral, so I would urge you to try out the controller before purchasing.


After trying both the Classic controller and reacquinting myself with the Gamecube one, I did notice a couple of differences that actually made choosing a favourite quite difficult, as they each have plus and minus points.


For starters, the original Gamecube controller has a slightly longer cable, only by a few inches, but it all helps. Also, for some reason Speedlink placed the cable entry point on the base of the controller, not on the top. This means that when using it the cable curves round under the controller wasting even more of it, and creating an odd bit of pressure that no other controller has. I don’t know why they did this. No other controller in history has ever used this design.

Gamecube wins this one.

Button Layout

This one was a little harder to call, as both had some improvements over the other. I preferred the four button layout of the Speedlink Classic controller as it was more in line with traditional controllers. The Gamecube ones while fine, never feel that intuitive. However, the Z button the original Gabecube controller is far easier to reach than the Classic with my small fingers. The Classic controller also has slow and turbo buttons giving it increased functionality.

I think I have to give this segment to the Classic, but only just.


This was another difficult one to call as they’re both very comfortable indeed. The Gamecube original has a more ergonomic feel and my fingers and palms wrap around it wonderfully. However, the Speedlink classic is made of a softer plastic material and is therefore more comfortable in other ways.

Ultimately, the Speedlink classic takes this one, but there really isn’t a lot in it.


The Speedlink classic can be had for as little as £8, which is a refreshing change of pace compared to Wiimote and other console controller pricing. However, a Gamecube original controller can be had for around £10 so there isn’t a lot of difference between them.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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