Speedlink Wii Classic Controller


Speedlink Wii Classic Controller


Following on from our Speedlink mini review of the Zone Charge Station, here’s another one from Speedlink, the Classic Gamecube style controller for the Wii. Designed to be an ergonomic update to the older design, and fit it alongside the stylings of the usual white Wii. How does it compare to the original it’s based on, and is the update worth it over the, more old school alternatives? Let’s find out.

Speedlink Description

"Use this Wii and GameCube compatible controller, which features a classic gamepad design, to play your saved GameCube™ games or new Virtual Console games. Along with tried and tested gamepad functions like the 3D analogue stick, the digital D-pad and the vibration function, the controller also features both an innovative turbo function as well as a practical slow-motion mode – a must for even more gaming fun!"


  • Precise 3D analogue stick and eight-way digital D-pad.
  • Four-stage turbo function as well as slow-motion mode.
  • Vibration function delivers a realistic gaming experience.
  • GameCube gamepad functions.
  • Suitable for Virtual Console games.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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