Speedlink Strike FX Wireless Gamepad



Driver installation was a simple process. Putting in the driver CD brings up a small app with a “Driver” button on it which kicks off the installation process and it’s more or less immediately good to go. The listed Windows compatibility is for Windows 2k, XP, Vista and Windows 7. After the initial pairing, the sync was instantaneous each time the controller was turned back on and no loss of connectivity was experienced during testing. The Game Controllers section of the Control Panel shows the usual button test and calibration options, as well as being able to test and adjust the intensity of the force feedback. All of the buttons worked without issue, calibration was not required and the force feedback was suitably strong for a typical controller.

Nestopia (2D Platform Games)

Using the digital D-Pad with old-school platformers such as Super Mario Bros. and Ninja Gaiden worked well. The controls were responsive and the controller was easily configurable.

Portal (Steam version)

The controller also worked well with a standard FPS game. It was easily configured and the controls worked well, including the analog thumbsticks which were suitably responsive and adjustable from the configuration screens. There were some issues with looking up and down, but this appears to be a known issue with game pads in Portal rather than the Strike FX specifically.


The Strike FX can be found for between £16-20 which is a pretty reasonable price for a wireless controller with both Windows and PS3 compatibility.

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