Speedlink Snappy Wireless Mouse



Since this mouse is just a general travel/mobile mouse the best way to test it would be to just use it and report on how it well it goes about it’s mousey duties and any ptoblems I encounter.


I thought I’d start by checking the claims of it not needing drivers to install and to make sure it wasn’t just downloading them from the Internet I disconnected my machine from the ‘net. Installed in seconds, lovely.

This is a good little mouse, it’ll work on almost any surface it seems (I even used it in bed, on a duvet and it worked perfectly. Infact it even worked on my face.) and it’s quite responsive.

The right/left click buttons give a satisfying click noise when used and the scroll wheel is a joy to use, too. The only thing I don’t like (and it’s not a massive issue with the mouse, more personal preference) is the amount of pressure required to activate the middle button, it feels clunky when compared to the right and left click buttons and you really have to press down on it to get it to work in comparison to the left/right buttons but other than that I couldn’t find anything wrong with the mouse.

Apparently it’s got a 10 metre range, and while I can’t imagine a scenario where’d you’d ever be 10 metres away from the receiver with a mobile mouse I thought I’d try it anyway.

Yup, it works, even through walls. It only let me down when I decided to see if it worked outside, on the other side of the house. Since I can’t even see the PC myself from here you can’t exactly complain about that.


This isn’t a high-end, expensive gaming mouse so I didn’t expect fancy bits of plastic on it to rest your unused fingers but it does fit nicely into your hand and it’s no more uncomfortable to use than any other mobile mouse I’ve used, and I’ve got pretty fat hands.

They say it’s suitable for both left and right handed people and they’re right. It’s symmetrical so it’s just as comfortable to use in one hand as it is the other.


I’ve seen quite a few of these for between £12 and £14, which is a decent price for what you get. I’ve also seen them for as much as £17.99, it still won’t break the bank at that price but it’s a little more than it’s worth considering how many lower priced mobile mice there are.

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