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While it was a nice idea I found that this mouse had some pretty big flaws I just couldn’t ignore. The gestures were difficult to use, the click buttons often got confused as to which button they were supposed to be (if they registered the press at all) and pressing almost anywhere on the surface of the mouse resulted in the mouse left clicking.

This may be because instead of having two actual buttons for left and right click it uses the single touch sensitive surface to press down onto buttons.

I do like the USB receiver that comes with the mouse, it’s small and light and would be ideal for users of laptops/netbooks who wouldn’t want larger USB receivers sticking out of their machine, possibly snapping the receivers when on the move.

In my opinion this mouse is one to avoid. The optical sensor on it is fairly accurate for everyday PC use but the buttons and gestures issues let it down. You’ll spend more time trying to get it to recognise the gestures than the time you’d spend manually doing whatever you were trying to do, it’s uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time and at £35.99 it’s not exactly cheap for a mouse and for that much I’d expect it to actually perform as advertised.

Pros Cons
Aesthetically pleasing Uncomfortable to use
Ultra small USB receiver Gestures are hard to use
  Left and right click buttons are unreliable



Thanks go to Meroncourt for providing us with this peripheral.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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