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This mouse’s main selling point is that it supports gestures to control your PC, this will be tested by setting up what different gestures do with the supplied software and trying them out.

It will also be used in general computer use to test what it’s like to use as a mouse, how comfortable it is to use and whether the multi-touch surface on the top makes it harder to use without triggering something with an accidental gesture.


I found that the surface of the mouse made it difficult to smoothly slide my finger across it without it sticking, making it harder to get gestures correct. If using the left slip/right slip gesture to control next/previous, forward/backward etc. it was often very difficult to get it to just skip one song, or go back one web page. Using the double left/right slip didn’t have this problem but it was difficult to get right at all. It was also easy to right/left click things on the screen while you were doing the gesture.

The slide forward/backward gesture worked quite well although it was the only one that did in my experience.

The mouse left most of my fingers and hand trailing along the desk or suspended in mid-air, this wasn’t exactly comfortable for prolonged periods of time whereas most mice try and at least fit the shape of your hand; this one is flat, low and rectangular.

The right and left click buttons didn’t seem as sensitive as they should be, either and occasionally got ‘confused’ as to which button they actually were. Pressing the right click button would usually just act as if you’d pressed the left click button, infact pressing almost anywhere on the top of the mouse resulted in the click sound and the left click action. Needless to say this got annoying after a while.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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