Speedlink Mini Chat



When it comes down to typing on a console, the Speedlink Mini Chat has to be the perfect solution for it, bar a standard sized keyboard. It allows for an incredibly increased rate of typing once you’re used to dual thumb typing on a QWERTY layout. That said, it’s a very expensive unit for what it is, and you can completely bypass the need to type by sending voice messages, but it does do its job very well.

Bottom line, if you find yourself cursing at the slow speed of typing a message using a standard controller quite often, definitely get one of these; it’ll save you a lot of hassle.

Pros Cons
Greatly increases typing speed Typing not necessary anymore
Small, handy, wireless Expensive for what it is
Support for Xbox, Wii, PC, Mac as well as PS3 Only clips on to PS3, not Xbox or Wii



Thanks go to Powerdrive for providing us with this keyboard.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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