Speedlink Chronos



Test Rig


Intel C2Q Q9450 Quad Core 2.66GHz


Gigabyte S-Series GA-73PVM-S2H

Graphics Card

XFX 8600GT


Corsair XMS2 PC6400 (2x 1GB)

Hard Drive

Hitachi HDT7250 (250GB)


Windows XP Pro 32bit


NOX Apex 700W


Headsets, like many other peripherals, are quite difficult to test as the results are going to be based mainly around the user’s personal preference for bass and treble levels, and their ability to convey the quality of the sound. To fully test the headset though, we play different types of music, movies and games while wearing the headphones, which give us as clear picture as possible of what the device can do.



Battlefield 2

For the games testing, I used my usual Battlefield 2 test. The sound quality isn’t the best from this first person shooter but there are plenty of bangs, booms and shots to put this headset through its paces.

I was impressed with the realism of the sound quality right from the off although at higher volumes, the sound did lose its clarity and quality, but overall the effect was good with bullets whizzing past my head with impressive realism.

After testing a number of weapons to see how they would sound, I found that the machine guns came out best with the constant stream of ammunition being fired off. However, the sniper rifles weren’t quite so good with the single shots not having the clarity I would have liked. 

I tested out the mic on the online multiplayer too and had some very positive feedback from fellow players who were all very impressed by the crispness of the sound produced – a thumbs up for the mic definitely.


Tears of the Sun

This Bruce Willis film is a true action packed, shooting thriller; I chose one of the ending scenes with Willis and his team almost reaching the border before being pounded by the army. The artillery shots and constant gunfire sounds very good with the Chronos and it feels like you are right there in the heat of battle ducking and weaving through the chaos.

The clarity again was very good but as with the games testing after cranking up the volume, the sound did start to tail off in terms of clarity, realism and overall quality.



I chose to bust out a whole range of tunes from Bob Marley’s reggae and a little bit of rap. The reggae was very good with the Caribbean effect of the music surrounding me and sounding very clear indeed. Moving onto the rap, I chose to play some T.I. and Kanye West which unfortunately wasn’t quite as good – I found that Love Lockdown with Kanye’s special sound (the slight vibrato) wasn’t played out well through the speakers but overall not a bad job.


Despite not looking particularly user friendly without any padding at the top and little on the earpieces themselves, the headset is surprisingly comfortable with the top not proving uncomfortable in the slightest. However, after using the headset for about an hour or longer, I found that my ears began to ache which leads me to believe that there isn’t sufficient padding here. Also, the whole design with the metal and plastic bands pulling in the sides, mean that the earpieces do push in quite hard which does get quite annoying.


For a good headset you’re normally talking around the £25 mark or higher, but the Speedlink Chronos comes in at around about £12 – a real bargain I would say with the sound quality that you get – it’s not the best but not bad at all when you consider the price.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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