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Skydigital nKeyboard Review


Skydigital are well known for their PSUs and peripheral devices, especially their range of keyboards.With the nKEYBOARD, Skydigital have aimed to design a peripheral that works for both gaming and in a normal desktop/office setting without the expansiveness of the average gaming board. Let’s see if it lives up these aims.


UK QWERTY Keyboard
Special keys
G key, volume +/-, Mute
PS/2 only
Cable length
(W)459.5 x (H)20.7~31.9 x (D)176.3 mm (w/o palm-rest)
Palm rest, 8 orange keys and key change tool
24 months


  • Anti-Ghosting for all keys
  • n-Key Rollover, n-by-n technology
  • Fast response time of 0.01 sec
  • Game and Desktop – dual mode support
  • Human engineering comfortable palm rest
  • Three step key stroke feeling arrangement according to the key pressure
  • Superior reliability and durability

3 responses to “Skydigital nKeyboard”

  1. 1. use spellcheck
    2. learn what “exponentially” means

    1. Thanks for the pointers “Heppo”, we’ll do our best to improve our editing process.

  2. You’re so wrong about the fact that ps/2 is outdated, ps/2 is SO MUCH better for keyboards on every aspect, NKRO, access time, reliability, refresh rate etc, ps/2 is far more responsive, and any progamers know that. There’s a reason even in 2011 BW PGM still use CRT monitors and ps/2 connections, I really hope they’ll never remove that, usb such compared to ps/2.

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