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Skydigital nKeyboard Review


Skydigital are well known for their PSUs and peripheral devices, especially their range of keyboards.With the nKEYBOARD, Skydigital have aimed to design a peripheral that works for both gaming and in a normal desktop/office setting without the expansiveness of the average gaming board. Let’s see if it lives up these aims.


UK QWERTY Keyboard
Special keys
G key, volume +/-, Mute
PS/2 only
Cable length
(W)459.5 x (H)20.7~31.9 x (D)176.3 mm (w/o palm-rest)
Palm rest, 8 orange keys and key change tool
24 months


  • Anti-Ghosting for all keys
  • n-Key Rollover, n-by-n technology
  • Fast response time of 0.01 sec
  • Game and Desktop – dual mode support
  • Human engineering comfortable palm rest
  • Three step key stroke feeling arrangement according to the key pressure
  • Superior reliability and durability

3 responses to “Skydigital nKeyboard”

  1. You’re so wrong about the fact that ps/2 is outdated, ps/2 is SO MUCH better for keyboards on every aspect, NKRO, access time, reliability, refresh rate etc, ps/2 is far more responsive, and any progamers know that. There’s a reason even in 2011 BW PGM still use CRT monitors and ps/2 connections, I really hope they’ll never remove that, usb such compared to ps/2.

  2. 1. use spellcheck
    2. learn what “exponentially” means

    1. Thanks for the pointers “Heppo”, we’ll do our best to improve our editing process.

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