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Not a massive ammount of testing can be done with a product like this, but I did use my newly moulded earbuds for listening to music while running, working out at the gym and general listening. In the results I’ll be comparing some of the claims that Sharkfin make, against whether they actually achieve them.

Comfort Fit and Stays in Place

While it feels a bit awkward when you’re first moulding them and when you reattach them later, when these earbud moulds are sitting within your ear, they’re very comfortable indeed. They sit solidly and don’t move around at all, even during pretty intense running.

Sound Isolating

This aspect of the Sharkin earbuds was very impressive. Apart from above average level noises, just putting these in without music will render the outside world as if its at an extreme distance. Once you have a track playing at reasonable volume, you won’t be able to hear anything but what you’re listening to. This is both a blessing and a curse, in that if you like to run while out and about, it becomes a little dangerous as you become completely oblivious to cars or other people. However, in the same instance, those same people and cars can’t interrupt your exercise or other activity at all.

So they are extremely effective at sound isolating, but perhaps to an extreme that’s not quite as useful as if it was a little less effective.

Sweat Proof

One of the problems with rubber coated earbuds is that sweat can often loosten their position, making it likely for them to fall out. While foam covers don’t suffer from this quite as much, the rubbing from the material can become uncomfortable. The Sharkfins protect the interior sound producing portion of the buds and therefore the positioning isn’t affected by sweat at all.


For those that struggle with mobile earphones while on the move, the Sharkfin Self-Molding earbuds are a great idea, since they fit nicely in your ear, isolate what you’re listening to and make it easier to concentrate on your workout or whatever else you’re doing.

They do make the outside world a little to distant for my taste and the instructions included could do with better pictures, but all in all this is an affordable, effective product.


Stops your earbuds moving around or falling out
Very effective sound isolation
Quick moulding
Available in white or grey
Very affordable


Sound isolation can be a bit dangerous
Instructions are hard to make out
White compounds are hard to tell apart, grey looks easier
Looks odd in your ear


Last modified: August 3, 2012

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