Roccat Sota



A solid performance from this mat, way better than I had expected as I’m not usually a fan of the hard topped surfaces. I’m still unsure of the need to be hard topped and flexible, but putting that aside I really can’t fault it other than its metallic blue colour and that’s just a personal preference! I even tried peeling apart the layers in one corner to get a feel for how durable it would be and they are stuck together really well. The Roccat has impressed me so much that this has now replaced my existing mat and will be my normal day to day pad of choice.

Pros Cons
Excellent glide for smooth actions Metalic blue, black version would be less garish.
Superb tracking with laser mouse Perhaps a little large for some people
Wrist cutout gives warning of approaching edge.  



Thanks go to Meroncourt for providing us with this mat.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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5 Responses to :
Roccat Sota

  1. 41x says:

    Hello, its actually crucial for a pad to be as much as flexible as it can be. I`m currently with 9HD, which was perfectly aligned to the table, untill I didnt washed it. It looks like that the plastic cant retain its shape after it was a bit angled.

  2. cROKODILE says:

    Metallic blue a con???

    There IS a black version of this mouse pad, why con???

  3. Tim says:

    Been using this mat for 9 months – first 3 months great. The surface, has been used on a flat oak table, and never been washed, soley gamed on. Has become massively bumpy, and unusable. Very disappointed with the durability of the product.

    1. Henri says:

      Same here, the surface became very quickly sorta bumpy, quite irritating. Otherwise this would be a great product, the surface is very nice.

  4. Imps says:

    Confirming that it got bumpy after few months. Very irritating – destroys the otherwise good mat.

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