Roccat Sota


Roccat Sota

Opening the package, there is only the mat inside, but if you need instructions for a mouse mat then you’ve got serious problems. The mat is finished in an almost pearlescent shimmering blue.

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And the underside of the mat is a tightly woven rubber chevron pattern, which gives it excellent grip to the desk.

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The construction of the mat is of three layers, which comprise of:

  • Top layer – stiff and granulated surface
  • Middle layer – highly reflective metal foil
  • Bottom later – aerated rubber grip and padding

The thin top layer allows for the mat to have some rigidity to it, whilst still being bendable unlike most non-cloth surfaced mats. How useful this would be isn’t readily apparent to me, considering almost everyone would use the mat on a desk or similar already solid surface, but perhaps I’m just being blinkered.

The centre layer of metal means that if you are using a laser mouse the laser will reflect back to the sensor and give a much more accurate reading than if using a cloth or other non-reflective surface.

Finally the lower layer is, in my opinion, just the right depth to provide some nice padding whilst not being so deep as to give an over pronounced lift and edge to the mat. Unlike some other hard surfaced mats I’ve used the edge of the mat doesn’t try to scrape off several layers of skin every time you move your wrist across it, which is a bonus!

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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5 Responses to :
Roccat Sota

  1. 41x says:

    Hello, its actually crucial for a pad to be as much as flexible as it can be. I`m currently with 9HD, which was perfectly aligned to the table, untill I didnt washed it. It looks like that the plastic cant retain its shape after it was a bit angled.

  2. cROKODILE says:

    Metallic blue a con???

    There IS a black version of this mouse pad, why con???

  3. Tim says:

    Been using this mat for 9 months – first 3 months great. The surface, has been used on a flat oak table, and never been washed, soley gamed on. Has become massively bumpy, and unusable. Very disappointed with the durability of the product.

    1. Henri says:

      Same here, the surface became very quickly sorta bumpy, quite irritating. Otherwise this would be a great product, the surface is very nice.

  4. Imps says:

    Confirming that it got bumpy after few months. Very irritating – destroys the otherwise good mat.

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