Roccat Sota


Box & Bundle

The mat comes packed in an easy to open flat clamshell.

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On the back you’re presented with various info about the mat’s fatures with a very ‘tron like’ top down view of a desk using the mat and a sliced open profile of the layers.

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On the front you get a wee sample of the top and underside layers of the mat with cutaway in the clamshell so you can have a good fondle if you should wish.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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5 Responses to :
Roccat Sota

  1. 41x says:

    Hello, its actually crucial for a pad to be as much as flexible as it can be. I`m currently with 9HD, which was perfectly aligned to the table, untill I didnt washed it. It looks like that the plastic cant retain its shape after it was a bit angled.

  2. cROKODILE says:

    Metallic blue a con???

    There IS a black version of this mouse pad, why con???

  3. Tim says:

    Been using this mat for 9 months – first 3 months great. The surface, has been used on a flat oak table, and never been washed, soley gamed on. Has become massively bumpy, and unusable. Very disappointed with the durability of the product.

    1. Henri says:

      Same here, the surface became very quickly sorta bumpy, quite irritating. Otherwise this would be a great product, the surface is very nice.

  4. Imps says:

    Confirming that it got bumpy after few months. Very irritating – destroys the otherwise good mat.

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