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From novelty mats, freebies with adverts on, to pro level gaming mats, the surface under your mouse comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. If you’re serious about precision as most gamers and graphic designers are, then a good mat is an absolute must.

Roccat will be known to most gamers, with their range of performance peripherals, and today we’re going to take a look at their hybrid mat, the Roccat Sota. Touted as the first hard surfaced mat which retains flexibility, it’s a bit of an odd beast. Read on to see how it performs.


  • Granular Coat for increased gliding speed and enhanced mouse movements
  • Integrated metal foil for outstanding tracking characteristics
  • Hard’N’Flexible combination of hard pad and ultra-soft base – not just for gamers
  • Striking shape for smart operating range thanks to the wrist cut out in the lower side
  • Easy to clean surface allows anything causing friction to be removed in a flash
  • Size: 350 mm x 270mm x 3mm


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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5 Responses to :
Roccat Sota

  1. 41x says:

    Hello, its actually crucial for a pad to be as much as flexible as it can be. I`m currently with 9HD, which was perfectly aligned to the table, untill I didnt washed it. It looks like that the plastic cant retain its shape after it was a bit angled.

  2. cROKODILE says:

    Metallic blue a con???

    There IS a black version of this mouse pad, why con???

  3. Tim says:

    Been using this mat for 9 months – first 3 months great. The surface, has been used on a flat oak table, and never been washed, soley gamed on. Has become massively bumpy, and unusable. Very disappointed with the durability of the product.

    1. Henri says:

      Same here, the surface became very quickly sorta bumpy, quite irritating. Otherwise this would be a great product, the surface is very nice.

  4. Imps says:

    Confirming that it got bumpy after few months. Very irritating – destroys the otherwise good mat.

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