Roccat Sense


While XSR has tested many mats over the last couple of years, most of them fall at the last hurdle by having one flaw or another. Be it a sweaty surface, lack of top notch accuracy, or they’re just plain ugly. However, the Roccat Sense doesn’t fall into that category, and hasn’t fallen at the last hurdle. It might not be the biggest out there, but it’s got plenty else going for it: Looks, speed, accuracy and comfort all rolled in to one. Those looking for supreme comfort though will need to go for something a little thicker.

Bottom line, the Roccat Sense, rocks. If you need a new cloth mat and like a thin pad, don’t pass up the Roccat.

Pros Cons
Looks awesome Comfort could be improved with thickness increase
Thin and sturdy
Allows for speed and accuracy with variety of mice



Thanks go to Powerdrive Computers for providing us with this mat.

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