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Mice and other peripherals fall into an interesting category for testing as your opinion on them tends to be very personal, as the mouse or keyboard has to be right for you beyond having the specifications to do what you want with it. Therefore these reviews can be highly subjective so as always, please make sure to test a mouse for yourself before you buy it.

However with that said, our testing methods involve using the mouse over prolonged gaming and general usage periods to test its gaming ability, functionality and comfort.

The game used for testing was Call of Duty: World at War.


Call of Duty: World at War

Initially, the Pyra seemed to be lacking compared to larger gaming mice such as the Mionix Naos 5000 and I wasn’t able to game anywhere near as effectively as I’m capable of. However, after a short period and with a little persistence, the Pyra is a much more skilful tool than first impressions would lead you to believe.

With the maximum DPI limited to just 1600 I was a little concerned but in actual fact, the Pyra was as precise and tracked as well as can be expected of a mouse of this stature.

All in all, despite requiring a little time to get used to, the mouse performs reasonably effectively will decent tracking and accuracy; needless to say it’s not comparable to the much larger, high end, wired gaming mice though.


The Pyra drivers and software backs up the mouse very effectively allowing numerous settings to be adjusted. The main control tab deals with the “speed” settings and by this I mean DPI settings (the max. Being 1600), sensitivity and scroll wheel speed – all relatively basic features.

Roccat Pyra Review

The button assignment is the other useful tab allowing certain functions to be assigned to each button; there’s a reasonable selection of pre-configured options from volume control to internet back and forward. However, the Macro manager allows the user to create custom functions so even if a function isn’t listed simply create it yourself!

Finally, the Game Profiles is a useful feature for setting up different configurations for specific games that can be saved and then simply loaded when you want to play a certain title- this is particularly useful if you play a mixture of game genres from first person shooters to strategies.


Comfort wise, the Roccat Pyra isn’t bad even though it’s probably 50% smaller than many gaming mice. However, over extended gaming periods, the small nature of the mouse can become irritating and uncomfortable.


At £30, the Roccat Pyra is reasonably priced and offers not only an effective mouse but also the whole Roccat experience. (Note that this is the lowest price we found the Pyra selling for and many retailers are pricing the mouse nearer £40.)

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